What Social Work Is All About

Social work is definitely a great thing to do.

I am greatly convinced that if someone wants an in-demand career that will make a huge positive impact in people’s life, it is a great time to become a social worker. Statistics postulate that available jobs in the social work field are expected to grow by 19% in the next decade; which surpasses growth in all the other sectors. Fundamentally, the shift in demographics in most developing countries is a key factor in the demand of social workers. First, the population mostly consists of the elderly and social workers will come in handy in looking after the elderly. Also, as we continue to embrace the healthcare system, hospitals will require additional workforce. Finally, social work has become more of a reserve for the female and institutions are trying to recruit more male social workers. Male clients do not routinely reach out to the female social workers as well as they would to their male counterparts to whom they would trust their special needs and challenges. It is therefore very good timing, for males looking forward to becoming a social worker.

Why engage in social work?

The altruistic nature of the social work is both powerful and life changing, every single individual engaged in social work becomes a “change agent”. The inspiration of these men and women is derived from the fact that they are able to help people fulfill their desires and help them holistically. Social work has always been a profession focused on empathy and empowerment of the individuals. They are committed to social justice and social change framework changing roles as educators, enabler, advocates and activists.

Social workers have the ability to plan and implement interventions with and/or on behalf of a range of individuals, groups, and communities based on evidence-based practices. Additionally new technology and how we view the problems in the society are changing the professional of social workers. Technologies such as mobile phones, cloud computing and electronic health records have made work easier for social workers. If one enjoys using technology to positively impact people’s lives, then social work is a career to consider

However, social work services are mostly voluntary and poorly advertised to the general public and as many individuals who would want to do social work might not always get to know. Moreover, this career is stressful as one gets to witness problems firsthand. One might deal with poverty stricken families, people with drug problems, young people turning to drug problems to those subjected to sexual abuse. Basically, social work is not for the weak at heart; rather, it is for those who dream of making a difference.

Proper Management In Social Work

Proper Management In Social Work

When the consultant social workers met for the conference in mid-Wales, it was obvious that the issue of incorporating family and relationship in social work was going to be the main agenda. The two main supporters of this conference were the Social Services Improvement Agency SSIA and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation with the help of the Care Council for Wales. The main aim was to interact and reach out to those particular practitioners who have an interest in playing a role in consultancy as social workers.

The importance of proper management in social work was a topic that Dr. Pamela Trevithick found really important to stress. The professor from Buckinghamshire New University had quite a reliable source to back up her point on the importance of managerialism on social work as discussed in a previous Journal article she wrote. Just like in any other profession, proper management is also required in social work as there are funds to be managed, time frames to observe, planning, coordination and problem solving skills that need to be applied.

Child Advocacy As A Professional

The law protects every child in the country in ensuring that every one of them gets proper care and enjoys the rights and freedom every human being is entitled to. As a result, it was only a matter of time before a credible learning institution stepped in to give child advocacy a whole new complexion. Just recently, The J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences offered a Certificate of Proficiency in Child Advocacy Studies; a program at the University of Arkansas that is offered online. The program equips professionals with the skills needed to meet any needs that any child may have. These include skills to deal with traumatic stress, adolescence issues, mistreatment, among other problems that children face.

In all that you do, you will always try to measure the input with the output that you get. With the program, the nine hours it takes to get the certificate is nothing compared to the knowledge it impacts on a social worker. With minimal requirements to enroll for the program, it is quite simple for anyone interested or already working as a social worker to get started.

With the attempt to make social work a respectable and recognized career, seeing these conferences and courses gives every social worker the pride and esteem every professional wants. With this as just the starting point, it will be interesting to see what is in the future for all social workers.

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