October 2016

Garage Floor Staining or Epoxy

I Am So Excited

I couldn’t wait to share this news with someone so the first place I turned it to my blog so I could share it with all of the peeps out on the interwebs.   I am in home improvement mode, and one thing I have always wanted to do is to make may garage really nice.   I know for some I probably lost you right there, but for others you will either have a lot of great advice, or be in awe that I am really going to have this done.

I just got off the phone with the guys over at Premier Concrete Staining Frisco, TX.   Such a nice fella on the phone.  I explained to him what I wanted, or actually that I don’t know what I want other than that I do want to do something with this garage floor.  He is going to swing by tomorrow to do some measuring, and also show me some examples of what he can do, and provide a quote based on what I decide.    I cant wait to see this final result.  I will try to take some pictures of the process as he goes through if he will let me.  I for sure will be taking before and after photos to post up here on the blog again.

So here is my dilemma.  I am not sure what I really want to do in the garage other than make it look really nice.  The good news is that no matter which route I take it will look very nice for sure.  It sounds like I have several different options.  From our conversation on the phone here is how I currently understand my options.  They may change after he shows up to give me the quote.  I am listing these in the preference I think I will probably select them.

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Flat Tire Left Me Parked


Stranded On The Side Of The Road With a Little Generosity

So I went on a road trip this past weekend that left me a little lighter in the pocket book than I had planned.   I hit the road around 5pm last Friday night headed down to San Antonio for the weekend.   So several hours into my trip, I am cruising down I-35 when I feel the need to stop in for a coffee before the Starbucks closes up.  I pull out my handy dandy smart phone (kids never do this while driving please) and found the nearest location which just so happens to never be too far away.   I was just on the north side of Austin when I pulled into this Starbucks and opted to go inside so I could stretch my legs and take care of some business, if you know what I mean.

The break was nice, the coffee was warm, refreshing and delicious and I was happy as I could be until I returned to my car to find I had a flat tire.   How in the world did it go flat just in the time that I had been inside?   I had an immediate thought of fear and a little bit of anger (at whom I don’t know), but just was like, oh man now my trip is ruined because this is going to put me so far behind.   I wasn’t thinking about not really even changing the tire, I was just going through all of this other stuff in my head.

This Starbucks sat in this small shopping center, and with it being so late, there were not very many people around.   Luckily for me this small shopping center was preparing to have the parking lot re-striped that evening starting at 9:30pm after all of the shops were closed down.  I said this was lucky for me because, David from Parking Lot Striping Austin was already on site and his crew was preparing their gear to knock the job out that evening.   David must have noticed my random thoughts and he and Chris, another guy from his crew, came over to offer a hand.

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Jimmy’s Fence Needs Help

wood fence

The Fence Blew Over

A month or so ago we had a storm roll through and it did a number on my friend Jimmy’s fence.    He has an older fence and quite honestly it needs to be rebuilt and a much better one should be put in its place.  By Jimmy is what we call a tight wad.  He is very frugal with his money.  He can pinch his pennies to go further than anyone I have ever seen before.   I think for some people that is just how they were raised, so being frugal may be in his DNA.   If you ask him he just has a lot of bills, and has to be frugal to make ends meet, but who am I to judge?

So his fence like I said was nothing much.  A simple 6 foot fence, side by side, with wooden post.  Probably the same fence the builder put up when the home was built.  When the storm came through it blew two panels of the fence over.  It looks like the posts simply started to rot at the base of the posts causing a strong gust of wind to topple it right over.   It is really amazing how strong Mother Nature can be when she waves her mighty hand.

Luckily for Jimmy and I we have a good friend Tony, that is a fence builder in Dallas.  He has offered many times to replace Jimmy’s fence for cost, but like I said Jimmy is frugal.  Anyway we spent one Saturday morning about a month ago repairing Jimmy’s fence.   We had to laugh when he went to Home Depot and purchased two wooden posts, two bags of quickcrete, and 6 new pickets all under $30 to repair the fence.   He was smiling ear-to-ear knowing he didn’t have to fork out a couple of thousand dollars to replace the entire fence.

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