Cleaning Out The Weeds

Weeds in flowerbeds

What A Mess!

Gina’s next door neighbor (let’s just call her Ms. Smith for anonymity) is an elderly widow lady that simply has too much yard work on her hands than she can really handle.   About 2 months ago, Gina noticed that although Ms. Smith has a lawn service to keep her grass looking nice, the flowerbeds were starting to look pretty shabby.  Not wanting to intrude, and make Ms. Smith feel bad about the issue, Gina decided it was time to simply bless Ms. Smith with some work from our network of friends.

Gina made a visit to Ms. Smith just to pop in and check on her and found out that she had been having some back issues which explained why she was no longer keeping up with the flowerbeds.  It is amazing how some people simply will not reach out and ask for help when they actually need it, but others have no problem asking for help when they are perfectly capable of doing work themselves.   So knowing Ms. Smith’s situation Gina was ready to move into action, putting our team together.   It is great because on smaller jobs like this, we dont  necessarily  have to have the entire group available to help.

Here is what we were dealing with:

Weeds in flowerbeds More weeds

Check out these weeds…whoa!

So we put the crew to work, and in no time the flower beds were looking much better.   I am so blessed to have such great friends that love helping others.  Typically I would give details as to how we fixed or worked on the project we were tasked with, but this one was simply pulling weeds.  Not much more to explain other than we got down on our  knees, put on some gloves, and started pulling weeds.   We did use small hand rakes when necessary, but in these beds they were watered enough that the weeds were very easy to pull.

Here are some after shots of how the beds looked after removing the weeds.

cleaned out flowerbeds No weeds

What an amazing difference cleaning out the weeds really makes.   These beds look so much better.  I had to leave before the final transformation took place, so I dont have more pictures, but Gerald and Bradley came in and added mulch and some flowers to help keep the weeds at bay.   We felt that if we just left it as top soil as it is in the picture that the weeds would just come right back.   I will see if Gina can grab a few more pics of the finished project and upload them a bit later.

Anyway, you can see how just a little bit of team work can really make a huge difference for someone that needs help.  We didnt come in and change a life or anything like that, we simply used our time, and effort to help someone in need.   We really want to spread this concept to others in the area.  We all know it is great to receive help, but sometimes we do not give as much as we should.  So my charge to you is whenever you feel like you know of someone that needs help, simply help them.   Take the time, take the effort and provide value to someone else any chance you get.

If you have questions about what we did to help, or ways you can help others, please reach out to us.  Heck if you have a good story, I would love to include it here on this blog as well.  Anytime we can spread the word about others doing good in this world, we are ready to share.   Dont forget to share our story on social media, using the buttons below.