Who Turned The Lights Out

light broken

Hidy Ho Neighbors

During my time here on God’s green earth, I have realized there are two types of people.   Those who change light bulbs right when they burn out, and those that wait to change them until they are all burnt out.   Don’t get me to lying as to why some people like to wait, but have you ever noticed this trend?   I challenge you the next time you go to a friends house, pay attention to the lights in the house.  Either they will have all of the lights working properly, or they will have half of the light bulbs burnt up in their house.   It is a crazy phenomenon and you will soon see I am correct.

In keeping with my desire to help people out, I wanted to share this little story with you.  It is not much, but kind of funny to think how other people just let some things go without even thinking about it on a daily basis.   I was recently at my aunt’s house, and noticed that she had a light bulb out in the living room ceiling fan.   I didn’t say anything at first, but started making a mental note when I looked over and also noticed that one of the lights in the kitchen was out as well.  I questioned my aunt as to why the lights were burnt out, and to be quite honest, she said she hadn’t noticed.  I think some people are just not observant.   I asked if she had any extra bulbs and a ladder, because I was going to get to work.   She pointed me to the garage for the ladder, and she went to fetch the spare bulb.

Success in the living room

So as you can see in the picture below, I was successful in the living room and with changing out this bulb.

light broken Light fixed

I was not so successful with the kitchen since my aunt did not have an extra florescent bulb.  As you can see in the picture there was one bulb on the left hand side that was burned out.   It is actually hard to tell by looking at this picture, but trust me it was having an issue.

Kitchen Light

After finding out that we needed to go buy a florescent bulb to replace in the kitchen I started out the door to go to the local Home Depot to buy more.  My aunt stopped me and said, “Wait, we should check the rest of the house.”  Now to me this just seemed silly, who doesn’t change their light bulbs right away when they burn out?  I was not expecting to find any other bulb issues, but you are not going to believe what I found in her bathroom.  Check this out.

bathroom light issue

That is correct, you counted exactly right.   There are six bulbs burned out in the bathroom alone.  This poor lady was about to be in the dark for sure.   With only two lights still burning she doesn’t have much time left before she would be totally in the dark.    I proceeded to bring the ladder into the bathroom so I could reach those bulbs.  Good thing I did as they were not normal bulbs like you would put in the ceiling fan.  I snapped a quick picture of the bulb so I would know what to buy when I went to the store.

You are not going to believe this, but after searching the rest of the house, I found two more ceiling fans that had lights burned out.   One of the bulbs was even broken off at the base.  I think my aunt had tried to change it at one point and it broke, so she just left it like you see in the picture.   lol

another dead bulb broken bulb


Finally got the bulbs

Finally mad the trip to Home Depot, and about $80 later we emerged with enough bulbs to get the house all light up again.   Again this is not a huge story of help, but it shows sometimes people just need assistance with the small things.   This is also why I say there are two types of people in the world.  Those who change the light bulbs, and those that wait to change the bulbs until they are in the dark.   Which type of person are you?  Feel free to contact me and let me know, maybe I will do something with all of the data that I collect on this topic.