Exterior Shutter Staining

Exterior Shutter Staining

Exterior shutter staining is a type of painting process although it differs from painting as it stands alone. It is referred to as staining. This process of exterior shutter staining gives the wood a more classic look and is sure to serve you for years. Another added advantage is exterior shutter staining protects your wood from damages like mildew and ultraviolet light damage.   Article Sponsor: Concrete Stain Contractor of Tampa, Florida

A major difference between shutter staining and painting is how the color is expressed on whatever surface is used. Painting simply acts like a coating to the surface in question, mostly wood while standing intimately interacts with the material deeply. It permeates the surface (shutter) and conversely bonds to the material, be it natural wood or plywood material.

Can you restore faded shutters

It’s no secret that the elements can take a toll on your exterior shutters and over time it would affect the outlook. You can restore your faded shutters with on the market products that help you give your shutter a renewed look. Although some believe that there’s nothing like a total redo for long lasting effect but restoring faded shutters can serve you for a long while as well. There are a number of tips and tricks that help you effectively restore your faded shutters anew.

Treating and re-staining wooden shutters

Treating and re-staining your wooden shutters when they eventually wear is a very doable process. Your wooden shutters require occasional treatment and re-staining. They’re a great addition to your home but they’re not without their own care system and can go bad if left to chance. Environmental factors are constantly acting on them and it is imperative that you adopt a maintenance system that helps them withstand these natural conditions that act on them. To ensure their longevity, there are a few things you must do to increase their duration of life.

It is important to apply treatment to prevent rot and mildew as failure to do this could cause your wooden shutter to rot and cause for the entire wood to be changed when it could have simply been refinished. This can be a different expense on its own which can be avoided if you constantly maintain your wooden shutter. Re-staining ever now and then is also an advisable care method for you to adopt. This way your window shutter stays sharp, and you keep your home a lot more attractive.

Tips to maintain your wooden shutters

There are a few tips that you can utilize to help your wooden shutters stay in good condition. A proper care method for your wooden shutter is dusting it with a cloth or a duster that has been lightly sprayed with lemon oil or furniture polish. This has to be done very regularly to prevent dirt accumulated over time. It is also important to wipe away any accumulation of dust to prevent your shutters from decay as the dust is harmful to your wood. It is also important to clean shutter hinges too. Wipe away stains with clean cloth, clean, pat, then dry.

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