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Being My Own Exterminator

Being My Own Exterminator

Bug Off

As you can tell, I am pretty much a do-it-yourselfer.  I have no problem rolling up my sleeves, and getting dirty when I need to get something done around the house.   I also don’t like paying for professional services when I can do them myself.

I started noticing a few bugs around the house, and was at first thinking I needed to call an exterminator.   The thought of paying for an exterminator simply makes me ill.  I kept thinking to myself, what would this guy be spraying that I couldn’t spray myself?   So I did what any other tech savvy person would do, I googled it.

google search

I looked around, and read a few articles, and kept reading about this stuff called Demon WP.   People were talking about how it was really good stuff, easy to use, and really killed the bugs.   Seems everyone loves it, and it is basically the same stuff the professionals use.   Funny thing is it is also very inexpensive.  So I ordered some (you can google Demon WP, and find it everywhere.   Since it is easy to find, I will not post a link to any specific site).  Here is what the current packaging looks like so you will know if you find it online.


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