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High School Football In Texas

High School Football In Texas

Are You A True Texan?

FootballIf you live in Texas and do not love high school football, then I am not sure if you can really call yourself a Texan.  It is that time of year again when we can go out and hear the banging of the helmets, the chatter of the crowd, and the smell of hot dog and hamburger concessions.  There is soon to be some brisk or rainy nights ahead, which makes the experience all the more fun.  I am probably more excited about it than the kids out on the field playing.  High school football in Texas is a staple to Friday night living.

Last night I volunteered with my friend Mark to hand out programs, flyers, and small freebies as people enter the gates of the stadium.  Mark is a Dallas home inspector and has an ad for his company, Dallas Home Inspector Co, listed in the program  so he was super motivated to get out and volunteer.  I was super motivated because I love football, hot dogs, the atmosphere, and also the free$7 ticket was pretty motivating as well.  lol   I know I am cheap labor, and the thought of saving a few bucks gets me going.  The thought of serving others gets me going even more.   I know this is silly, but I do think of this as a way of serving.   I am helping my friend Mark promote his business, I am helping to greet the fans as they pour into the stadium.  Simply showing support for the team is a way of serving.   I only mention this not to toot my own horn, but to demonstrate that there are so many ways to serve others.

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