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Neighbors Building A Float

Neighbors Building A Float

The Parade is Coming

This past weekend, I started hearing loud music, and a lot of voices near the front of my home.  This is typically unusual in my neighborhood, as it is most times a quite laid back kind of place.   I looked out the window and noticed a ton of people over at my neighbor’s house.  There were probably at least 50 people at there house, both adults, and kids that looked to be about 14-15 years old.   I watched them through the window for a little while, and then couldn’t stand it so I went out to see what these people were up to.   I have a good relationship with my neighbor’s so it was ok for me to be a little nosy.

So, What’s Up?

I noticed most everyone was gathered around this one area of the driveway, all looking down at something.  At first it scared me thinking someone was hurt and that they were all looking down upon them, but as I got closer I could tell that was not the case.  It appeared they were building something, but what in the heck were they building?

It turns out they were building a parade float.  Wanting in on some of this fun, I offered to help, and was welcomed into the group with open arms.  I mean who is going to turn down free labor when it is offered.

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