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Welcome To Our Site

Welcome To Our Site

Hey There!

Welcome to our site.   We are a group of friends, that love to help others, and have fun doing it.  You can find out more on our About page.

Helping Others (Helping Hands)

helping handsI will be using this site to blog about our past and future adventures where we help other people around our community.  We know we are all built for a higher purpose, and helping others is a great purpose.  We love using our talents and putting them to good use.  When we help someone that is sick, or someone that is elderly we all feel such satisfaction.   It is great to have a solid group of friends that all feel the same way.  It must be due to how we were raised.   (Look mom and dad, I am giving you a little credit here.  🙂  )

Seriously though we simply love helping others.  We purposely look for people that are in need and lend them a hand.  We kind of have this rule, if you come asking for a hand out, or simply looking for someone to do what you can do yourself we most likely will not help.  If you are truly in need, we will be there even if you ask.  We simply have to gauge each situation so we are not taken advantage of for free labor.  We have been knowing to cruise through Craigslist ads looking for people that need help.  We respond to the ad, and schedule the time to come do the work that you are needing to have done.   We do let people know we are not professionals, as we would want to know that too.   We also find people on Facebook and other social media that may be needing help in our area.   It has really evolved now that we have the internet to help us find people in need.

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