Meet the Social Work Gang

Our GroupThanks for stopping by our little piece of the internet.   Although we may not be the “social work” that most people think of, we are a social group of people that like to help others with different tasks.  So we like to be witty and call what we do, Social Work.  We know the stuff we do does not compare to what the term really means, but it is a fun play on words, and we are a fun group.  We are like a real life version of Friends.


Things We Like To Do

As part of our social work, we simply like to use our God given talents to help others when they are in need.   Maybe you are an elderly lady that needs some yard work completed, or you simply need a hand moving a few things upstairs.   No matter the task, we like to know we have a group of friends that can come together to help when needed.   We may not be fast, and it may take some time to get everyone’s schedules to jive, but with a little effort we are able to pull together a few folks to help in most situations.

Here are a few things we have worked on in the past:

  • weed eaterlawn mowing
  • home building (habitat for humanity assistance)
  • tree trimming
  • moving (from apartment to apartment….and apartment to home)
  • painting
  • weed pulling
  • flower planting
  • dog sitting
  • dog walking
  • child watching  (aka babysitting, although we would never sit on a baby)
  • and the list goes on…

So as you can see we basically will do any and every type of task that is needed around the house.  If we dont know how to do something, we google and youtube it.  Pretty much there is nothing we have not figured out at this point.

We Also Like To Have Fun

From time-to-time, we also like to have a little fun.  Picnics, long weekends, and snow skiing are all fun things we like to do together.  Some people may think we are a little crazy, but we just love to have fun.   It is not everyone that gets to have great friends that are there all the time, but we all seem to just gel together and it all just seems to work.  It helps that we are all so “social” I guess.

All Walks of Life

So in our close nit group of friends we have some silly characters that are a little wild and crazy.  We have all walks of life, and schedules can get hectic (thus the reason for having to need a little time to plan for things).  Jason, works for a home inspection company.   Gerald works building and repairing fences.   Shelly, she is a dental hygienist, Bradley is the guy that paints the lines on parking lots (who does that), and Marcy is actually an executive for her company…..she is the one that has the smarts and the money.    We are always razzing her, mostly because we are all jealous of her success.

That’s Our Story

So that is our story in a nutshell.  We will be posting about some of our projects, and blogging as much as we can.  I hope you enjoy watching us grow together as friends, and helping people along the way.   We all know we are better when we serve others and that is what we all intend to do as much as possible.

We would love to hear from you, so please contact us, or as we say, reach out to us.  🙂