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Flat Tire Left Me Parked

Flat Tire Left Me Parked

Stranded On The Side Of The Road With a Little Generosity

So I went on a road trip this past weekend that left me a little lighter in the pocket book than I had planned.   I hit the road around 5pm last Friday night headed down to San Antonio for the weekend.   So several hours into my trip, I am cruising down I-35 when I feel the need to stop in for a coffee before the Starbucks closes up.  I pull out my handy dandy smart phone (kids never do this while driving please) and found the nearest location which just so happens to never be too far away.   I was just on the north side of Austin when I pulled into this Starbucks and opted to go inside so I could stretch my legs and take care of some business, if you know what I mean.

The break was nice, the coffee was warm, refreshing and delicious and I was happy as I could be until I returned to my car to find I had a flat tire.   How in the world did it go flat just in the time that I had been inside?   I had an immediate thought of fear and a little bit of anger (at whom I don’t know), but just was like, oh man now my trip is ruined because this is going to put me so far behind.   I wasn’t thinking about not really even changing the tire, I was just going through all of this other stuff in my head.

This Starbucks sat in this small shopping center, and with it being so late, there were not very many people around.   Luckily for me this small shopping center was preparing to have the parking lot re-striped that evening starting at 9:30pm after all of the shops were closed down.  I said this was lucky for me because, David from Parking Lot Striping Austin was already on site and his crew was preparing their gear to knock the job out that evening.   David must have noticed my random thoughts and he and Chris, another guy from his crew, came over to offer a hand.

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