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Jimmy’s Fence Needs Help

Jimmy’s Fence Needs Help

The Fence Blew Over

A month or so ago we had a storm roll through and it did a number on my friend Jimmy’s fence.    He has an older fence and quite honestly it needs to be rebuilt and a much better one should be put in its place.  By Jimmy is what we call a tight wad.  He is very frugal with his money.  He can pinch his pennies to go further than anyone I have ever seen before.   I think for some people that is just how they were raised, so being frugal may be in his DNA.   If you ask him he just has a lot of bills, and has to be frugal to make ends meet, but who am I to judge?

So his fence like I said was nothing much.  A simple 6 foot fence, side by side, with wooden post.  Probably the same fence the builder put up when the home was built.  When the storm came through it blew two panels of the fence over.  It looks like the posts simply started to rot at the base of the posts causing a strong gust of wind to topple it right over.   It is really amazing how strong Mother Nature can be when she waves her mighty hand.

Luckily for Jimmy and I we have a good friend Tony, that is a fence builder in Dallas.  He has offered many times to replace Jimmy’s fence for cost, but like I said Jimmy is frugal.  Anyway we spent one Saturday morning about a month ago repairing Jimmy’s fence.   We had to laugh when he went to Home Depot and purchased two wooden posts, two bags of quickcrete, and 6 new pickets all under $30 to repair the fence.   He was smiling ear-to-ear knowing he didn’t have to fork out a couple of thousand dollars to replace the entire fence.

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